Don't touch my Doc !

This is a very humane doctor that I met on January 19th, a doctor who cares about his patients before himself, and who asks himself thousands of questions on the future.

His talent could have allowed him to exert in the most renowned venues of the capital city, but Dr Bransten, general practitioner, chose modesty and proximity, he practices in the city of Drancy.

This kind-hearted doctor could whisper that medicine in France must provide quality healthcare, no matter the social class you belong.


Touched by Lyme disease in his own family, he gathered material on the subject to find out solutions.

As a self-taught man, he specialized with the help and the explanations of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM).

He takes part in works of fundamental research in immunology, in collaboration with these two institutes.

Together, they brought to light a bacterial-type of AIDS, that gave rise to a patent application that could lead, in the short term, to the design of a new, accurate diagnostic test for chronic Lyme disease, causative agent of immuno-depression and chronic inflammation.


Then, he went on to explain that the current tests have no diagnostic validity and are only the footprint of a possible detection of the presence of the bacteria in the human body, with or without associated disease, particularly because of immunodepression.

The tests being negative isn't a sufficient argument to rule out the infectious agent of chronic Lyme being the cause of the disease the patient is suffering. However, the presence of antibodies, even at low concentrations, means that the bacteria are present and detected, as there is not immune memory persisting in the absence of this family of bacteria.


In Dr Bansten's medical practice, patients are rushing up from all over France and Europe to treat their chronic inflammatory or auto-immune pathology.

Following his experience, Dr Bransten alerted the Ministry of Health, with no answer to date.


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At the same time, today, he is facing an urgent procedure initiated by the medical board of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, represented by its President, Dr Edgard Fellous, also member of the disciplinary chamber of the medical board of the region of Île de France .

This doctor is holding him responsible for discrepancy in his words and writings, trying to have him struck off and to discontinue his practice for incompetence.


The expert assessment shall be handed over at the latest on February 22nd to the select regional chamber of Ile de France.

In spite of the advances of the "Lyme plan", the new National Protocol for Diagnostics and Care (PNDS) is about to be a year late, the patients are exhausted waiting and suffering in silence!

It is about time we take measures up to the stakes and that France discovers the extent of this pandemic.


Today, the rallying of the patients forms the basis of change, we cannot even imagine one more specialist of chronic Lyme lynched by medical boards!

A few days ago, one of Dr Bransten's patients, Irène Schiel, member of our patient society, released a petition. To day, we achieved over 20,000 signatures, a historical record in Lyme !


Our society, Le Droit de Guérir ("The Right to Be Cured") invites you to sign it clicking the image below.


More than ever, we'll provide Dr Bransten with our support and all our means.

A video is expected in the next few days, a lawsuit is being planned with the help of a major attorney in Paris. From now on, you can join the Facebook group "Les actions du droit de guérir" (in French) where we let the Minister of Health know about this scandal.

Thank you for your support and your rallying.

Matthias Lacoste, for the patient society



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Documents to read!


Dr Bransten and our society are releasing the documents (in French) hereafter at your disposal. You will find: The patent application, a slideshow authored by Dr Bransten, the letter Dr Bransten wrote to the Minister of Health, the letter sent by the medical board, the letter of collaboration with the INSERM scientific institute, testimonials in favor of the Dr, letters of support from Pr Montagnier and Dr Raymond.